Research tells us that home improvement continues to be a popular undertaking and one that can deliver a significant return on investment. Kitchen and bath remodels maintain the top spot on the remodeling list. For example, approximately 80% of renovating homeowners state that kitchen and master bath upgrades raised their home’s value more than any other renovation project. In addition, in 2017 the median spend for kitchen remodels was up 10%, while master bathroom projects outranked living and family room projects in popularity. In addition, Houzz reports that half of homeowners planned to either start or continue renovations in 2018, with a median planned spend of approximately $10,000.


Refinishing is an attractive option for those seeking to upgrade their home without an exhaustive procedure. This involves contractors applying a coating via spray to your existing surfaces to impart the appearance of new. The coating is high gloss, durable and low maintenance It is formulated to tolerate immersion, a wide range of temperature changes, and the consequent expansion and retraction, as are often found in kitchen and bath uses.


Bathroom Remodel.


Many bathroom updates can be achieved simply by polishing up the look of the bath via a bathtub remodel. Bathtub refinishing provides a new finish and a brighter and cleaner look without incurring the cost of a comprehensive remodel.


Bathtub refinishing typically involves applying a durable and resilient finish, fixing and repairing fixtures, and updating colorways.


Tile Refinishing and Reglazing.


Refinishing bathroom and kitchen tiles is a great way to freshen things up without a full replacement process. Refinishing tiled bathroom fixtures, vanity tops, wall tile and shower enclosures involves using special fillers to fix cracks and fill holes, followed by the application of a topcoat. This process produces a moisture-proof barrier to keep mold away.


Countertop Refinishing and Reglazing.


Professional contractors can impart a big improvement to the appearance and value of your home via countertop refinishing and reglazing. Countertop areas needing some assistance are fixed and a new, easy to clean semi-gloss topcoat is applied, providing a brand-new look.


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing.


A wide range of cabinet finishes applied to your kitchen cabinets offer an updated appearance and ease of use without having to replace them entirely and modernize your kitchen. Hidden hinges are available without having to remove your kitchen doors.

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