Everyone has a dream kitchen in their mind. In fact, four in every five renovation reports indicate that a kitchen and master bedroom upgrade increased home value by 83% and 81%. If you are finally at the point of getting the kitchen remodel you have been dreaming about, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the best out of your space and customize it to fit your needs.

  1. How you plan to use the space: When you think of a kitchen remodel, you likely have in mind stainless steel appliances, granite countertop, and a huge island. There is nothing wrong with this picture, but you need to have in mind how your family will use the space before you settle on anything. For example, your toddler might like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, which makes it challenging to have tile flooring. Also, your older kids may need a desk if they use the kitchen to do their homework.
  2. Determine the layout you would prefer: The design plays a huge role in how functional your kitchen will be. It would be disappointing to have a huge beautiful fridge but be unable to open it because the countertop gets on the way. The best way to get a functional kitchen and the best layout is to contract a home improvement company. They are trained to have an eye for design while keeping all appliances functional and within reach.
  3. Remember to include storage space: People spend a lot of time in the kitchen when they are at home, which often makes it the most overused room in the house. This makes it vital to include enough storage room for food and cooking equipment as well as other items you use when you are in the kitchen.
    Since you spend a substantial amount of time in the kitchen, be sure to include storage that makes your space look style but remain functional. Take count of your current storage and know exactly how much more space you need to store extra items. Contractors will show you designs your designs that will best suit your space. Home improvement contractors may also help you identify which items you use occasionally and don’t need to be stored in the kitchen and which ones must be factored in during the kitchen remodel.
  4. Make sure you have enough lighting: Lighting is vital when you are using the kitchen; you need to chop up ingredients, measure things, read temperatures, among other things that rely on bright lighting. It would be difficult to enjoy a well-designed kitchen if you have to squint to cook for your family.
    Check where you are likely to work when considering lighting and make sure that the areas are well lit. Also, if your kids do their homework in the kitchen, consider their working area, so they are comfortable when reading. Consider where you will have your eat-in dining table and give it enough lighting. You can add some under-cabinet light if you need that extra lighting.
  5. Don’t compromise too much: It is common for homeowners to think about the resell value of their home during a kitchen remodel. The number of times people looking to buy say they need an updated kitchen increases the pressure. However, remember you are updating the kitchen, so you have a space you love and enjoy so don’t compromise so much. If you still love that wooden furniture, consider refinishing it instead of buying a new one.

An intense focus on remodeling with resell value in mind can lead to settling for a kitchen you did not want. As long as you are in the space, and paying or its remodel, you should be able to enjoy it and get what you want. It may be a couple of years before you sell your home to make a colorful statement if that’s what you want.

A kitchen remodel will affect how you live, move and cook. A great space will give you and your family enough room to chat over a meal and enjoy your new space.

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