Although a bathroom remodel isn’t always a walk in the park, there’s no rule saying you have to do it all at once. When almost 51% of homeowners report ongoing renovations that cost upwards of $10,000, it’s safe to tackle it one thing at a time. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips for what might be the most important piece in your bathroom remodel: your bathtub.

Consider Size

How big is your space? If you’ve already expanded your bathtub space, you may be able to invest in a bigger tub. But above all else, make sure you’re positive what size you can handle. Standard tubs usually measure around 30 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Choose a Shape

Will you need a clawfoot tub? A Jacuzzi tub that fits into the corner? Or are you looking for an even more unique shape for your bathtub? Regardless of what shape you choose, make sure you’re taking needs and style into account. Circle and oval-shaped bathtubs are currently trending, if you’re looking for a place to start.

Measure for Height

When getting that new tub, you need to consider how high the walls are and how deep the tub itself is. Keep in mind that deeper tubs of about 20 inches are best for soaking. If you’re not looking for a soaking tub, it’s possible to go with something a little bit shallower. And if you really want your tub to be a place of relaxation, consider an even deeper basin.

Invest in New Hardware

When you’re completing a bathroom remodel, it’s likely that you’ll need all new hardware. That includes faucets and a spout for your tub! Consider which metals you’ll be using throughout the rest of the bathroom, as well as the wall color and tile color if you’re putting that in. If you’re looking for hardware that’s easy to clean, consider looking for brushed metal pieces.

Completing an entire bathroom remodel doesn’t have to happen overnight. With these tips, you should be ready to at least pick out your new tub. After that, you can start considering other parts of the project. With the right tools and the right team, your bathroom will be done in no time.

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