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Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

Tile Refinishing/Reglazing

Tile Flooring Refinishing in Panama City Beach, FloridaCompletely replacing your bathroom or kitchen tiles is typically a last resort for most homeowners because you are guaranteed days of inconvenience, ceramic dust over everything, and uncleaned grout streaks that are very hard to clean. Why go through all this trouble when you can simply REFINISH it? Refinishing your home’s bathroom fixtures, bathtub, vanity tops, wall tile or shower enclosures instead of replacing them is a far quicker, less invasive, and more economical way to breathe new life into your living spaces.
Tile refinishing is the easiest way to move from a grungy wall to a new one! Using special fillers, we repair cracks and holes then we fill any missing grout with material designed specifically for the refinishing process. Finally, we prep the surface and apply the topcoat. The complete process yields a moisture proof barrier for years of mold-free use. Plus, the treatment takes mere hours instead of days.


I have full confidence in your work.

– Kent O., Tyndall AFB Housing Maintenance Supervisor